Sunday, October 24, 2004

For Gourmet Only

Music is an international language; time and people all over the world have proven it. Out of all the abundance of styles and trends there is something really worth listening, something classical, something with a hint of old, something like... "Pink Floyd".
The group has been around for years. Starting out like British teen band, associated with depression, drug and alcohol abuse it turned out to be a lot more than that. One of their later albums, probably the most famous around the world is "The Wall". "The Wall" was released in 1979. But releasing the album was just half of surprise. In year 1981 Columbia Music Video released Pink Floyd's movie with the same title. The story was written by the band leader George Waters, directed by Alan Parker, animation directed by Gerald Scarfe. It presents his autobiography to the audience. The whole film itself is absolutely absorbing. It starts out at the hotel room somewhere in Los Angeles where the main actor, named Pink (starring Bob Geldof), kills his time between the concerts. He recalls the memories of his childhood; second world war, where his father was killed. He has never seen him, but had always been looking for him in the crowd. His mother has always taken too much care for him, being absolutely controlling . School teachers have always made fun of the poems he wrote and his character. He remembers himself being severely sick, remembers the doctors giving him shots. He could never fit into the crowd around him. He has always been a weird one.
He got older, got married to a woman he loved. But he was always too busy to pay attention to her. Constantly touring he didn’t notice how easy he lost her. Too many shows, too much dope, too much applause. Time and place, reality and nightmares shuffle as we venture into Pink’s painful memories, each one a “brick in the wall” he has gradually built around his feelings. Step by step he withdraws from reality and slips further into his nightmare. He imagines himself as absolutely senseless Hitler-like creature for whom all that is left is the demonstration of power over his unthinking audience.

There is no conventional dialogue in the movie. The whole story it told by the music of Pink Floyd. Some of the scenes of the movie are really grueling, make the viewer sick and even depressed. But what is really impressive about that movie is that all of its sounds (like whispering, voices on the background, sound of stating car engine or broken glass etc.) were on the CD two years before the movie came out. It seems that Waters had the whole idea in his gead with its smallest details long before he made a movie.
Pink can hardly be called a charming person but the colors of his inner world and feelings are stunning. The movie holds the attention of the audience from the very first second. The music creates that special atmosphere that only real music lovers can appreciate. It’s unique, it’s genuine, it’s tremendous.
The best way to enjoy it is to sit back in a cushy chair in the dark room and stare at a huge screen blasting the sound into ears.